Driving Instructor Training
All individuals wishing to be trained at our facility will be required to sign a Non-Compete form. Our main purpose in developing a curriculum is to properly train future teachers for DSOM. Our hope is that all who enroll in the training are planning to join our company. If that is not your intention, make certain that you do not have plans to own or become an administrator for a driving school or similar company located within 25 miles of Mansfield or Red Oak, TX.
Non-Compete Clause
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Driving Instructors Needed - Whether you are already certified or need training to be an Instructor, DSOM only hires people who have a passion for education. If you are looking for a career change, love working with people and enjoy flexible hours, we may be the place for you. We host training for certifying new driving instructors, usually each year in the fall and spring at our Mansfield location. We developed our own curriculum which has been approved by the Texas Education Agency. We have certified supervising teachers who are qualified to train future teachers

We offer training for both in-car and classroom certification.

There are three (3) phases to the program. The first two phases will fulfill the requirements for in-car certification. The last phase will be for those individuals seeking to teach in the classroom as well.

Phase 1 (45 total hours required)
a.18 hours of direct classroom instruction from a certified instructor
b.11 hours of independent study on specified topics - requires completion outside the classroom
c.16 hours observing in a classroom to become familiar with the driver education curriculum

Phase 2 (45 total in-car hours required)
a.14 hours of direct classroom instruction from a certified instructor
b.12 hours observing a certified instructor during in-car instruction
c.14 hours of teaching in a car with a certified instructor observing and critiquing the trainee
d.Five (5) hours of independent assignments

Phase 3 (45 total classroom hours required)
a. Eight (8) hours of direct instruction
b. Three (3) hours of independent study
c.16 hours of classroom observation
d.18 hours of student teaching

Interested? Questions? Training Schedule?
Please call (817)260-1020 Extension 4
or E-Mail drivingschoolofmansfield@yahoo.com

Teacher Assistant (TA) - Allows an instructor to teach teens/adults in-car lessons. No teacher certification is required. Requires Phase 1&2.

Teacher Asst. Full (TA-F) - Allows an instructor to teach teens/adults in the classroom, under the supervision of a DET, and in the car. This certification is sought after highly. No teacher certification is required. Requires Phase 1, 2 and 3

Driver Ed Teacher (DET) - Allows an instructor to teach classroom and in-car lessons within TEA limitations. A valid Texas Teacher's Certificate is required. This is the most highly sought after position. Requires Phase 1, 2 & 3

Teacher Assistant (TA)

Teacher Assistant Full

Driver Ed Teacher (DET)

Payment plan is available.