Online Teen Drivers Education Course
Did you know......Texas law requires that students must complete an additional 30 hours behind the wheel, 10 of which must be done at night. The student can log up to 1 hour per day. Ideally, this is to be overseen by the parent/guardian of the new driver.

Practice, Practice, Practice!!!
30 Hour Parent Log
We Now Offer Our Drivers Education Course Online!

Does your child have a busy schedule? 
Are you concerned about COVID-19?  
The online course may be right for you!

Driving School of Mansfield now offers the Teen Driver Education Course Online.  The student would complete the 32 hours of class online.  The course is self-paced so the student can login and do their classwork anytime.  The student can do the online lessons at home, on a tablet, or even a smart phone.

After the student has completed the first 7 hours of the online class (Module 1), he/she will take the written permit test at the driving school. The written permit test is offered every Thursday anytime from (3-7pm). Once he/she passes the written permit test, they can get your driving permit from any DPS. office.

Behind the wheel training can begin once the student completes the first six (6) hours of the course and receives their driving permit from DPS. Once this is accomplished, the student or parent can make driving appointments online. There are a total of 7 sessions of in-car training (2 hours each session).

This Course Includes:
-  32 Hours of Online Instruction (self-paced)
-  Written Permit Test at the Driving School
-  14 Hours of In-Car Lessons at the Driving School
-  DPS Road Skills Test

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Step 1: Download the Syllabus

Step 2: Download the DPS Driver Handbook
The DPS Driver Handbook is needed for the student to complete the first 6 hours of the online course.
Not required but it is recommended to print (2-sided) the DPS Driver Handbook so the student can highlight important information and make notes in preparation of the written permit test. Students do have the option to purchase a printed copy of the DPS Driver Handbook at the driving school front desk for $10.

Step 3: Register and Begin the Online Course
If the student is under 18 years old, a parent/guardian will need to register the student.  

Returning Online Students

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​- 32 Hours of Online Instruction (self-paced)

- Written Permit Test at the Driving School

- 14 Hours of In-Car Lessons with the driving school

- DPS Road Skills Test