Tuition & Policies
Payment Methods:
We accept all major credit cards, money orders, cashiers checks, and personal checks. Sorry, no cash accepted.

Online Payments:
We now offer online payments for the drivers education course. To make a payment, please click the online payment tab.
Drivers are 8 times more likely to get in an car accident while they are texting on their cell phone. Take the pledge to the "No Phone Zone"  to prevent people from using their cell phones while driving.
Did You Know?
Teen Drivers Education Course $380
32 Hours of Classroom Instruction
* The drivers ed class meets Monday - Friday for three weeks 
(2 hours each session)

14 Hours of In-Car Instruction
* The in-car instruction consists of 7 lessons done by appointment 
(2 hours each session)

Payment Plan Options
Option 1: If you pay the full tuition of $380, the student is entitled to receive their driving permit within the first week of class.

Option 2: A payment plan is available with a $190 deposit, and a final payment of $190 is due by the end of the three week class.  Paperwork for the students' driving permit will not be released until the tuition is paid in full.

Additional Services & Fees

In-car Instruction Only (7 driving lessons)        $340

Adult 6-Hour Class                                               $99

DPS Driving Test (TPST)                                      $60

Contract Extension (90 Days)                              $75

No Show Fee                                                         $35

Defensive Driving Course (online)                      $25

Student Driver Car Magnet                                  $20

Permit Test                                                            $15

Replace lost green certificate                             $20

Replace lost DPS Handbook                               $10
All-Inclusive Package $420
Savings of $35!

  • 32 hours of class instruction
  • 14 hours of in-car instruction
  • Permit Test
  • DPS Driving Test

Note: Payment must be made in full. Package can not be combined with any other specials or discounts. Package does not cover fees at DPS for the permit and/or the driver license.​